Ukraine Solidarity Broadcast: John Object hybrid set (Cashmere radio)

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A superbly crafted and intriguing mix from rising talent of the the underground experimental world John Object, recorded live at the Cashmere Radio HQ. In a break from his usual blistering live performances, John presents some of his musical influences from the past ten years in the form of a hybrid-live-set. Comprising his own re-edits, remixes and reconfigurations of various different artists from Björk and New Order through to a classical harp version of The Fugees the 45 minute piece ducks between bombastic hyper-realism and writhing deformity in a way few could match. It’s all here in signature John Object style; sounds are twisted, warped and sent out into the extreme reaches of disassociation before being dragged back through a glutinous mass of polymorphic contortion and finally polished

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